Michael Basset

The ultimate team player, Michael has been helping Australians achieve their financial goals for the past two decades. 

“It comes down to be willing to take the time to listen to people, and then work with them every step of the way, until we’ve arrived at where they want to be,” he says.

Michael’s people-focused approach was refined at the start of his professional career, when he worked in a sales and services manager role for one of Australia’s largest financial institutions. A desire to develop optimal outcomes for his customers saw Michael become a licensed Financial Adviser in 2001.  

In the following decade he matured into one of Sydney’s most versatile financial coaches, helping motivated people to proactively safeguard their long-term wealth and retirement prospects. 

“Goal-setting is crucial,” Michael says.

“At 40 years old, retirement can seem like it’s a long way off. Sadly, people that don’t start preparing at that age can miss out on a truly rewarding and comfortable post-career life they’ve worked so hard to enjoy.”

With a loyal and engaged client base, Michael established One Financial Advice in 2013. He’s since thrived on the responsibility of leading his clients toward genuine prosperity, and his team of advisors to the head of the industry.

“For me, there’s nothing like working as a team to kick goals and get ahead in life,” Michael says. 

“Shared achievements are infinitely more satisfying; the relationships you make and the things you learn always put you in a better position for the next challenge.” 

Ashley Tilston

Some are blessed with a twinkle in their eye; sparked from enviable reserves of energy and resourcefulness that lie beneath.

Ashley is one of those people. 

His stellar career in Financial Planning has been guided by a positive, can-do attitude for the past two decades. Dedicated to continuous professional development and a keen awareness of the global economy, Ashley has attracted a client base of high net-worth individuals seeking not just an advisor, but a trusted financial partner.

“Time is one thing successful people don’t have,” Ashley points out.

“They are looking for someone to take on the heavy lifting of managing their finances and portfolios, and with that comes a lot of trust and responsibility.”

Ashley’s professional pedigree make him perfectly suited to the task, which he likens to a “personal CFO”. In his previous role as a senior advisor at two of Australia’s biggest banks, Ashley worked for executives and entrepreneurs on seven-figure salaries. His broad church of qualifications – SMSFs, commerce, financial services, margin lending and geared investments – meant these individuals were always assured of being presented with the best suite of investment options. 

“The key is be dynamic, to never stop working for the client,” Ashley says.

“That starts first thing each the morning, with updates and research about the market, and into day developing relationships with other entities and professionals to create a network of investment options that’s second-to-none.”

Alex Ho

Alex’s life has been a numbers game for as long as he can recall. Raised in Western Sydney by hard-working parents, Alex discovered a passion for mathematics at a young age and began tutoring fellow students in the subject while still at high school himself. 

This ideal equation of arithmetic aptitude and dedication showed Alex the value of treating money with respect. Approaching his financial choices with a steely discipline, he built an impressive portfolio of investments prior to graduating from University.

“My parents built their wealth through not only hard work, but having the discipline to only spend what they needed to,” Alex said. 

“This made me intrigued about the concept of managing my own finances as I sought to emulate their success. Before long I realised I could not only help myself, but many other people.”

This discovery drove Alex to earn his Financial Planning license at just 24 years of age. The youngest member of the One Financial Advice team, Alex has since built a strong client base of young professional contemporaries.

“I love working with young professionals because we share the same generational experience, and face common challenges in moving toward established wealth,” he says.

“How a young professional treats their finances in the first five to 10 years of their career can be a vital determinant of how they will be able to handle the adversities of middle life such as parenthood and unexpected life changes. 

“Arming my peers with this knowledge, and a compatible financial strategy that assures a bright future, is what satisfies me most.”